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Interactive virtual pavilion

Access to presentation recordings from Coffee Tea Cacao Talks and Coffee Stage

5 steps to get access
- register on the site, activate your account (if you are already registered, skip this step);
- log into your account;
- enter the virtual pavilion through the menu or follow the link;
- follow the navigation arrows to the virtual conference room and enter it;
- click the video viewing icon on the virtual screen and pay for access.
Happy viewing!

Important information:
- Recordings of presentations from sites are available only to users registered on the site.
- Access to the records is paid.
The cost of access to all recordings of presentations from these zones for all 3 three days of the exhibition is 800 rubles.
- Access to records is valid until 12/31/2021

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Real Exhibition Floor Plane

open to the public 10:00-18:00

1-st floor

1 st floor

2-nd floor

3-rd floor


interactive digital multifunctional online virtual pavilion of the exhibition

Company presentation

booth design services, you can chose pre-set designed booth or order a individual design with product presentation

Realtime online messaging

realtime chat service for communictation or alternatively, if technically possible, inegration of your corporate chat services, Telegram, WhatsApp, FaceBook Messager and others with our virtual expo

Lead generation

during communication you can get visitor data for future communication using your corporate services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • this is an addition to the classic offline exhibition that we hold. By participating in our exhibition in a virtual format (virtual pavilion), you get the following opportunities:
    - to be presented in exhibition virtually
    - participate in our event on-line.
    - view online video from offline event
    - exhibitors and visitors realtime communication services
    - visitors can leave their business card at the exhibitor's booth (contact details - username and e-mail address)

  • it is a full-fledged participation in the offline exhibition, an opportunity to present a company, get contacts and online communication with visitors;
    it is an opportunity to participate without being physically present;
    it allows to save a cost on construction, business trips of employees;
    it gives an independence from external circumstances;
    a whole year of daily 24 ours work of the exhibition.

  • Before enter to the virtual exhibition, a visitor must be authorized/registered on the website;
    After autorization visitor can use online communication facilities and chat online with exhibitor or go to the exhibitors website;
    During the exhibition all the visitors could attend an online broadcasting of the Coffee Stage zone for free;
    After the end of the exhibition, both Pavilions (online and offline) will continue to work on the exhibition website, and all visitors will be able to enter them for a fee.
    All the presentations from Coffee Stage and Coffee Tea Cacao Talks will be placed in the virtual Pavilion but an access will be paid.

  • In order to take part in the exhibition, you need to fill out an Application for participation and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • We offer 2 types of standard designed booths, differing in size and the ability to embed video into the booth design.

  • For online communications, we use our own and administered by us messaging system, in which you will have your own account, and you will receive message notifications and be able to communicate online with visitors on our website. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please note that we do not recommend discussing issues that you consider confidential using our service.
    During the initial contact, you will receive an e-mail and the name of the visitor, and everything that is confidential in your opinion can be discussed in personal correspondence with the visitor using your usual corporate communications.
    Alternatively, we can determine the technical possibility of connecting your corporate communications services to our system.

  • You will need to provide high quality logos, information about the company in 2 languages, a link to the website, an email address for integration with the communication channel, a link to the company's video posted on the YouTube streaming service.

  • Yes, it is possible, but it will require you to write a detailed technical assignment describing how your booth should look like, or alternatively you can provide us with a finished model of your booth in 3dsmax format.

  • Access to the current virtual exhibition will be closed 30 calendar days before the start date of the next offline exhibition.