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Sri Lanka Tea Board

The Sri Lanka Tea Board was established on 1st January 1976 by amalgamating Tea Control Department-Tea Control Act No 51 of 1957, Tea Export Commissioner’s Department-Tea (Tax and Control of Export)Act No 16 of 1959, Tea Research Institute of Ceylon-Tea Research Ordinance 1925 and Ceylon Tea Propaganda Board-Tea Propaganda ordinance 1932 under the Sri Lanka Tea Board law No.14 of 1975 as amended by Act No.17 of 1985, No.44 of 1990, No.29 of 2003,No 44 of 2006 and No.13 of 2018 with the corporate objective of develop, regulate & promote Tea Industry in Sri Lanka.

Business category: governmental organization, non commercial organization — assosiation — union, tea business

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Sri Lanka Tea Board

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